This is the second year of the e-Health Faculty Award and Canadian Healthcare Education Commons – La Collaboration pour l’éducation en santé au Canada (CHEC-CESC) Virtual Patient Challenge. The competition is part of the AFMC-Infoway Physicians in Training e-Health Curriculum and e-Learning initiative.

“The number of leaders that were nominated this year, from the learner and educator communities, grew significantly from last year – evidence that initiatives such as this matter and have the potential to have a transformative effect ,” said Irving Gold, Vice President of Government Relations and External Affairs at AFMC. “We must not underestimate the magnitude of the change required in medical education for graduating physicians to be truly adept at functioning optimally in an e-health enabled environment.”

First prize in the CHEC-CESC Virtual Patient Challenge is awarded to a team of students, Drs. Calvin Ke, Terence Yung, and David Harris, from the University of British Columbia. Caitlin Cahill from McGill University received second place honours and Ayesha Malik from the University of Toronto is the third place winner. The focus of the challenge was on virtual patient learning tools that incorporate the use of electronic health records (EHRs) and other aspects of digital health to improve patient care.


The winning virtual patient cases will be featured at CCME 2013 at the AFMC Booth and during the e-Learning Networking Social on Sunday, April 21, 2013 at 5:30 p.m. at the Hilton Hotel. The CHEC-CESC national online repository and collection of virtual patients will also be featured at the Social. All Conference delegates are welcome to attend.

“Information and communications technologies are valuable tools in helping physicians and other members of the team improve patient care”, said Richard Alvarez, President and CEO, Canada Health Infoway. “Integrating their effective use into the medical education and encouraging students to think of innovative ways to use technology is a great way to help ensure our next generation of physicians understand the clinical value of digital health right from the start of their careers.”



April 26, 2013