Source: MUHC

Congratulations to the Operating Room (OR) team at the Montreal Children’s Hospital, who was recently awarded the Excellence in care prize from the Fédération des médecins specialistes (FMSQ) during its 12th annual Interdisciplinary Educational Day (IED) on November 15th, 2019. The prize honors innovative and interdisciplinary projects that have contributed to improving access, efficiency and quality and safety of care.

The prize highlights an interdisciplinary training program the OR team put in place in 2014 to better deal with the management of resources during critical situations. The 90-minute monthly program is based on simulation and is conducted in the operating and recovery rooms with anesthesiologists, surgeons, nurses, respiratory therapists and patient care attendants. The main goal is to improve patient safety during a crisis. This program has been inter-professional since its inception. To date, more than 200 participants have participated in more than 35 sessions.

As a result of these training sessions, participants have not only improved their knowledge but have noted better communication, sharing of tasks and flagging of potential safety issues. They have led to better productivity, standardization of processes and helped improve patient safety in everyday clinical work as well.

Join us in congratulating them for this exceptional honour.


December 18 2019