Photo: Nicolas Morin
Photo: Nicolas Morin

On May 29, 2014, McGill’s School of Physical and Occupational Therapy held its annual awards, prizes and fellowships ceremony. Held in the morning, the event, with the theme of strawberries and champagne, was followed by the Health Sciences Convocation on the afternoon of the same day.

In addition to student prizes, the graduating class, led by Kaitlyn Fitzsimmons and Tynan Jarrett presented the graduating class gift.

The following is a list of award winners:

Valérie Pinel was presented with the l’Ordre des ergothérapeutes du Québec Clinical Prize of Excellence by Diane Méthot;

Dr. Paulette Guitard presented Odrée Martin-Mailhot with the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists’ Award;

Huguette Picard presented the Canadian Occupational Therapy Foundation Future Scholar Awards to

Marie-Andrée Benoit, Katie Delaney, Bich-Lien Dinh, Olivia Redouté-Minzière and Minh-Quan Tran;

Arthur Woznowski-Vu received the Helen M. Gault Award for Physical Therapy from Dr. Judith Soicher;

Dr. Judith Soicher  presented the Edith Aston-McCrimmon Professional Award for Physical Therapty to Simon Dalle-Vedove;

The Patricia Ann MacDonald Wells Van Daele Memorial Award was awarded to Riany de Sousa Sena by Dr. Soicher;

Prof. Sarah C. Marshall presented the Canadian Physiotherapy Association Award to Meghan Kristie Straub

and the  Canadian Physiotherapy Association Pediatric Division Award to Lina Osseiran;

Prof. Crystal Garnett presented the Carol Rutenberg-Silver Memorial Award to Christopher Rubino and the Sandra Perlman Memorial Prize to Olivia Ripa;

The l’Ordre professionnel de la physiothérapie du Québec Clinical Prize of Excellence was presented to Kaitlyn Fitzsimmons by Gilbert Chartier;

Dr. Isabelle Gagnon presented the Association Physio Montréal Travel Award to Arthur Woznowski-Vu and Meghan Kristie Straub and the SPOT Alumni Fund O.T. Travel Award to Madeline Doyle;

The Edith Aston-McCrimmon Professional Award O.T. was presented to Lisa Kirsch by Dr.Bernadette Nedelec;

Dr. Isabelle Gélinas and Barbara Rosenthal presented the Barbara Rosenthal Prize to Jessica Goldschleger; ­

Dr. Gélinas presented the Kavita Kulkarni Memorial Prize to Navaldeep Kaur with members of the Kukarni family;

Dr. Gélinas  and members of the Rapagna family presented Marcos Rodrigues with the Margherita Rapagna Memorial Prize;

Dr. Bernadette Nedelec and Dr. Alice Chan-Yip presented Aselin Jiunn Weng with the Dr. Alice Chan-Yip

Multiculturalism Award;

Finally, Dr. Bernadette Nedelec awarded Tatiana Ogourtsova and Kedar Mate with Richard & Edith Strauss Fellowships and renewed the fellowships for Gayatri Aravind and Owis Eilayyan.

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