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At McGill, a select group of students has been accepted into the MDCM-PhD Program. They are training to be physician-scientists dedicated to research and patient care.  “Physician-scientists are particularly committed to the creation of new medical knowledge,” says Mark J. Eisenberg, MD, MPH, Director of the MDCM-PhD Program and Staff Cardiologist at the Jewish General Hospital. “They identify novel and clinically relevant questions at the bedside and use their knowledge and tools to research these questions. Then they take their research results and use them at the bedside.”
Guido Ivan Guberman is completing the PhD portion of the MDCM-PhD Program.  His research focuses on children with concussions. Using advanced forms of brain imaging, he is able to detect subtle forms of injury and use this to inform diagnosis and prediction of clinical outcomes. His career goal is to work as a pediatric neurologist treating children with a variety of brain injuries. He envisions using his research discoveries to offer his patients innovative care.
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Dominique Geoffrion  is at the start of the eight-year MDCM-PhD Program.  She has always been passionate about science, research, and health care. She has not selected her area of research yet but is leaning towards doing research in ophthalmology.
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Tianwei Ellen Zhou just graduated from the MDCM-PhD Program and has started her residency training in ophthalmology.  She looks forward to applying her skills both as a physician and as a researcher.  During the PhD portion of her training, she studied retinopathy of prematurity (ROP), an eye disease that steals the sight of many premature newborns, including the sight of Stevie Wonder. Her research showed that ROP is not a static disease and can precipitate long-term retinal damage. Thanks to her research, ophthalmologists now know patients with ROP require long-term follow-up.

Her advice to those considering a career as a physician-scientist is to have a true passion for both Medicine and research. “Passion will help you get through the most difficult moments of the training and your future career,” she says.

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McGill is seeking students passionate about research and health care. Join us at the annual MDCM-PhD open house. 

When: September 26, 2019, 18:30-20:00
Where: McIntyre Building, room 522, 1200 Pine Avenue West, Montreal
Guest speaker:
Lysanne Campeau, MDCM, PhD, FRCSC,

Assistant Professor of Surgery, McGill University,

Urologist, Jewish General Hospital,

Clinical researcher, Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research, McGill University

August 22, 2019