Christine MaheuDr. Christine Maheu, Associate Professor in the Ingram School of Nursing at McGill’s Faculty of Medicine has been named as the 2015 recipient for the Pfizer Award of Excellence in Nursing Research provided by the Canadian Association of Nurses in Oncology (CANO).

“I would like to thank the Canadian Association of Nurses in Oncology for selecting me for this year’s Pfizer Award of excellence in nursing research,” says Dr. Maheu, who will be presented with the award at the CANO/ACIO Awards of Excellence Ceremony to be held on Tuesday, October 6 from 9:15 – 10:00 a.m., and which will be available live via webcast. “I am honoured to be the recipient of this prestigious award and grateful for the attention this brings to the importance of high standards of care in cancer survivorship.”

At McGill Dr. Maheu, who also holds a Clinical Scientist position with the Cancer Survivorship Program at Princess Margaret CANO Research awardCancer Centre in Toronto, teaches research, supervises graduate students (masters, doctorates, post-doctorates), mentors practicing nurses and students in research, and conducts research herself focused on cancer survivorship care with special interests in psychosocial oncology clinical interventions.

Dr. Maheu is the principal investigator on a fear of cancer recurrence study holding funds from a Canadian Cancer Society grant. Sponsored by the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (CPAC), she currently leads a team on the creation of a return to work interactive tool website to address the needs of cancer survivors, health care providers and employers. Additionally in partnership with CPAC, she is leading a nationwide survey assessment of transition care needs of cancer patients from end of treatment to three years post diagnosis.

Congratulations Dr. Maheu!

View the award ceremony here.