McGill is now a member of the Education Advisory Board which provides the best practice research and practical advice to academic, business, and student affairs leaders at the nation’s leading universities. With teams of consultants and analysts dedicated to uncovering the best ideas from across higher education, our members benefit from the learning of thousands of universities nationwide, with findings tailored to their particular area of concern.

McGill is a member of the following forums:

University Business Executive Roundtable
University Leadership Council Academic Affairs & Research
Student Affairs Leadership Council
Continuing, Professional and Online Education

For each membership, the Education Advisory Board publishes a number of major best practice studies each year. Each report contains dozens of original ideas, tactics, or strategies successfully implemented by a handful of the nation’s leading universities. In addition, most reports include a “tool kit”—either as an appendix or separate publication—to help members with practice implementation.

Any person at McGill; staff, student, professor, or otherwise has access to the services provided by the Education Advisory Board. To check out their site and services, as well as to register for access to McGill’s resources click here