Both sides expressed their happiness to have brought the Agreement to a conclusion and their hopes for building stronger communications and relationships in the future.

The five-year deal, which brought an end to a three-month-long strike last fall, gave union members salary increases of 1 per cent (Dec. 1, 2010); 1.2 per cent (June 1, 2011); 1.2 per cent (June 1, 2012 with the integration of a new 22-step salary scale); 1.5 per cent (June 1, 2013); 1.7 per cent (June 1, 2014) and 2 per cent (June 1, 2015 plus the integration of a new 12-step salary scale). The deal respected the Quebec government’s salary guidelines for the first three years. MUNACA (now MUNACA/PSAC) members voted 71.5 per cent in favour of the deal last December.

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June 20, 2012