Dr. Robert Sternszus, Assistant Professor in the Department of Pediatrics at McGill University’s Faculty of Medicine was recently selected as the 2017 recipient of the Canadian Association for Medical Education’s (CAME) Wooster Family Grant in Medical Education. Given the challenge faced by emerging educators to attract funding support for new projects in medical education, this CAME award is meant to support new and innovative scholarly projects related to medical education that are not part of a larger, formalized and funded education research program.

Dr. Sternszus, who completed his medical degree, residency training and his Master’s in Educational and Counseling Psychology at McGill, and who is also a pediatrician at the Montreal Children’s Hospital, is actively involved in undergraduate medical education in his role as director of the Transition to Clerkship Course as well as in postgraduate medical education through both his role in developing the Resident-as-Teacher program and as co-director of the curriculum for the pediatric residency training program.  He will also be assuming the role of Program Director for Pediatrics as of June 2017.

The project for which he was selected for the CAME award is entitled ‘From Resident-as-Teacher to Resident-as-Role Model: Enriching a Resident Teaching Skills Curriculum,’ and seeks to implement and evaluate an innovative resident role modeling program at three Canadian Universities – McGill, Dalhousie, and the University of Toronto. By adopting a flipped classroom approach and employing simulation to help residents become more aware and deliberate role models, the project hopes to improve resident teaching skills and inform the development of a national curriculum in this important area.

“As a junior clinician educator this, my first national grant, represents a tremendous opportunity for me to build national collaborations, develop my program of research, and improve residency training across Canada,” notes Dr. Sternszus, who is also a core member of the McGill Centre for Medical Education.

Congratulations Dr. Sternszus!


April 21, 2017