By Matthew Brett

Efforts are underway to launch the Maximilian Eivaskhani In Memoriam Graduate Scholarship. Maximilian Keywan Eivaskhani tragically died this summer after a bicycle accident. Max was a wonderful person and scientist, and is terribly missed by his parents, family, friends and colleagues. Max was a star graduate student in the Department of Biochemistry and Centre for Structural Biology at McGill University. The Maximilian Eivaskhani In Memoriam Graduate Studentship is being launched in his honour, to be awarded annually to a high achieving graduate student in the Centre for Structural Biology, starting fall 2021. You can make a donation through this page. To pledge a recurrent donation, call the McGill Donation Services office at +1-514-398-2787 or email our Faculty Representative, Mina Park, and specify the Maximilian Eivaskhani In Memoriam Fund. Thank you for considering contributing to Max’s Studentship, with which we hope to help honour the legacy of a beloved son, student, friend and scientist.

January 15, 2021