Mark Karanofsky, physician at the Department of Family Medicine who practices at the Herzl Family Practice Centre, wins “Contribution to the university/hospital and U-FMG life” from the Collège Québécois des Médecins de Famille (CQMF).


Mark Karanofsky has been practicing family medicine since 2004, demonstrating exemplary leadership in the clinical, administrative, educational and research fields. Practicing as a family physician in hospitals, long-term care homes and clinics for 1,500 patients, he has also assumed the role of Director of the Goldman Herzl Family Medicine Centre, since 2018, and leads the Jewish General Hospital’s Council of Physicians, Dentists and Pharmacists. Dr. Karanofsky established a diabetic foot ulcer clinic at the Herzl Center, one of the examples demonstrating his commitment to innovative care solutions. His dedication is an inspiration to many medical students considering a career in family medicine.


Congratulations Dr. Karanofsky!


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