Living with bipolar disordersThe “Living with bipolar disorder: Daily challenges for caregivers” conference will discuss the reality of the bipolar experience from various angles, including the viewpoints of patients and those involved in their care.

As participants in this discussion, you can obtain direct access to the latest scientific information in this field, and practical advice on working with patients in their everyday lives…and your life as well.

Do you have questions you need to ask an expert? A patient’s spouse? Or one of their relatives? Are you feeling at a loss for solutions as a caregiver? Our three panelists will be glad to share their experience and offer suggestions.

Monday, May 12, 2014

7:00 to 9:00 p.m.

Douglas Hall

Douglas Mental Health University Institute ($5 for parking)


Serge Beaulieu, MD, PhD

Medical Chief, Mood, Anxiety and Impulsivity Disorders Program,

Medical Chief, Bipolar Disorders Program
Douglas Institute

Jean-Rémy Provost

Executive Director



Manon Teasdale Gravel

Board Member



Camillo Zacchia


Douglas Institute

Admission: Free. Open to all.

Conference language: French.

Limited number of seats available: Please register via

Info: Emmanuelle Paciullo

Tel.: 514 761-6131 Ext. 2794