The Faculty of Medicine offers our most sincere congratulations to the recipients of the following awards from the Family Physicians of Canada:

Dr  Yolaine Yim – the Medical Student Leadership Award

Dr Jessica Lee – the Family Medicine Resident Award for Scholarship

Ms. Eve-Lynne Kyle – the Medical Student Scholarship

Dre Marie-Renee B-Lajoie – Nadine St-Pierre Award

Ms. Jennifer Mitton – Family Medicine Resident Leadership Award

The Honours and Awards Program offers grants, scholarships and awards to recognize, and support family physicians, family medicine residents, and medical students committed to education, research, and excellence in the practice of family medicine.

This program is designed to celebrate the achievements and outstanding work of members by offering funding for scholarships and grants and by promoting their successes.



Read more about the specific Awards on the CFPC site

August 7, 2012