By Matthew Brett

A new annual physicianship award within the Faculty of Medicine will recognize a current or recent Osler Fellow who consistently demonstrates excellent mentoring qualities and the attributes promoted by the Physician Apprenticeship Program.

The J.D. Boudreau Physicianship Award is named after Dr. Donald Boudreau, who has been involved in the Faculty of Medicine for over three decades as a respirologist, Associate Professor, former Associate Dean, and Faculty Member of the Institute of Health Sciences Education.

“Don is not only a wonderful leader and champion of the importance of physicianship and mentorship, but also a warmhearted mentor himself who absolutely merits this recognition,” said Dr. Yvonne Steinert, Director of the Institute of Health Sciences Education and a member of the Osler Fellowship Planning Committee.

The award was first announced at the Faculty Club during a reception for all Osler Fellows cohorts this past summer.

Celebrating mentorship: Dr. Donald Boudreau

Dr. Boudreau served as Associate Dean, Medical Education and Student Affairs, from 1997 to 2004 and again in 2015.

He assisted the Faculty in creating the Physicianship component within the new MDCM curriculum, and continues to be involved in several curricular modules, most notably the mentorship program and courses focused on teaching the clinical method.

Dr. Boudreau is a Faculty Member of the Institute of Health Sciences Education where he co-chairs a scientific peer review committee and also pursues his research interests in a variety of domains including professionalism, mentorship, and the medical humanities. He is a Professor with the Arnold P. Gold Foundation, a foundation dedicated to placing human interests, values and dignity at the core of medical teaching and practice.

His dedication to assisting and guiding students in becoming insightful and patient-centred physicians is reflected in the quality of Physician Apprenticeship.  It has become a group mentorship program with international recognition.

Who are Osler Fellows?

The Osler Fellows are practicing physicians recruited from all the specialties in medicine based on their reputation of being good physicians and teachers.

Each Physician Apprenticeship group has one or two senior medical students as co-leaders. The groups meet approximately five times per year and there are occasional one-on-one meetings between student and Osler Fellow.

What’s next?

Students of Osler Fellows are currently nominating candidates for the inaugural award.

This award was made possible thanks to a generous donation from an anonymous donor.

To add to the award, donations are being accepted in honour of Dr. Boudreau’s contributions to the Faculty of Medicine and to further support and advance the quality of mentorship within Physician Apprenticeship. Please click here if you would like to make a contribution.

You can also contact Mina Park, at or 514-398-3031, for more information.



December 10 2019