Plus new day centre for seniors in Njombe region opens doors

On June 12, Edmund Munubi, managing director of the TANWAT Hospital in Njombe Region, Tanzania, East Africa, was guest of honour at the McGill Faculty of Medicine during the launch of Highlands Hope Umbrella’s Quick Guide to Home-based Care.

Vice-Principal and Dean of Medicine David Eidelman welcomed Dr. Munubi, McGill Nursing faculty and students, Highlands Hope guests and Montreal supporters, praising their collaborative initiative as a “model for research.”

Highlands Hope Umbrella brings together community, professional and volunteer networks to address the challenge of HIV-AIDS and related social problems. Its member groups include community-based peer health educators, a professional women’s association focused on the needs of orphans and vulnerable children, and a youth choir and drama team that builds awareness of HIV among young people in the area. The Umbrella has joined forces with McGill’s Ingram School of Nursing to conduct research into the health and social impacts of HIV in the region.

While in Canada, Dr. Munubi also spent time at the Jeffery Hale Hospital in Quebec City to explore its program for seniors, including an innovative day centre. He returned to Njombe with the goal of creating a similar service, and in August opened a day centre for seniors at TANWAT Hospital, in collaboration with the Kibena Women’s Association.

Betty Liduke, Highlands Hope Umbrella Director, helped spread the word about the new day centre; expectations were far exceeded with 47 seniors paying a visit on day one. At the end of the second day, Dr. Munubi and colleagues had identified a range of health issues, from eye problems and hypertension to heart conditions, most of which would likely have gone unnoticed.

The Highlands Hope Umbrella and Ingram School of Nursing look forward to building on their collaboration to help bring evidence-based and compassionate support to the people in the region.




September 5, 2012