The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (FMHS) is made up of diverse communities, including people from across Canada and around the world. This series recognizes those from outside the province who have chosen to bring their talents and expertise to McGill University. Thank you for all that you contribute!

Heather Purdie: Forging a pathway to empowerment. Read more.

Jeffrey Atkinson – Pastoral past to pediatric progress. Read more.

Stephanie Molloy: Body, mind, and equality — physiotherapy revisited. Read more.

Roy Dudley – On a mission to eradicate epileptic seizures at home and abroad. Read more

Erin Keough: embracing a holistic approach, from The Rock to la Belle Province. Read more.

Gustavo Turecki: In pursuit of innovative mental-health treatment. Read more.

Haley Abugov: Providing nursing services to the Quebec population. Read more.

Safiya Simon: Déja vu all over again. Read more.

Jean-Pierre Farmer: The human touch behind the development of pediatric neurosurgery at McGill. Read more.

Keiko Shikako: From Brazil to Montreal, advocating for disability rights. Read more.

Jodi Tuck: Falling in love in (and with) Montreal. Read more.

Opinion: Terry Hébert: McGill is why I came; Quebec is why I stayed. Read more.

Johans Fakhoury – Making a life in Montreal at McGill. Read more.

Sara Saunders: Training Quebec’s next generation of occupational therapists. Read more.

Opinion: Richard Budgell: Sorry, Quebec, I belong here and am making a contribution (The Montreal Gazette). Read more.