The Transition to Clinical Practice (TCP) component of the MDCM curriculum takes place during the latter half of the second year of medical school. During this time, teachers play a significant role in helping undergraduate medical students transition from principally class-based learning to active and self-directed learning in the clinical setting in preparation for the next component—clerkship (where students participate in patient care).

On Thursday, February 3, David Luckow, MD, TCP Component Director, presented the Transition to Clinical Practice Award for excellence in teaching to fifteen devoted teachers from eight different specialties.

During the intimate virtual ceremony, David Eidelman, MDCM, Vice-Principal (Health Affairs) and Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences applauded the award recipients and emphasized the importance of faculty participation in the student learning experience.

Given that most of the recipients are nominated by second-year medical students who have completed the TCP component, this award reaffirms just how invaluable dedicated teachers are to students throughout their medical school journey.

“Thanks to our exceptional clinical teachers, for six months we’re afforded the opportunity to learn, without the responsibilities of clerks,” says Sébastien Belliveau, 2023 Class President. “These invaluable teachings have a lasting impact on our training as physicians.”

Congratulations to all the TCP Award recipients!

Catherine Paquet, MD, Anesthesia

Brian Tran, MD, Anesthesia

Shady Abid, MD, Family Medicine

Alexandre Elhalwi, MD, Family Medicine

Laurence Green, MD, Internal Medicine

Marc-Antoine Lepage, MD, Internal Medicine

Alain Dagher, MD, Neurology

Rebecca Oksenhendler, MD, Neurology

Marino Jerry Discepola, MD, Ophthalmology

Catherine Henin, MD, Pediatrics

Tracey Dyer, MD, Pediatrics

Ali Bessissow, MD, Radiology

Zubin Lahijanian, MD, Radiology

Joshua Vorstenbosch, MD, Surgery

Ahmed Ashraf Abdel Wahed Naiem, MD, Surgery