FRSQ-logo3Included among the list of recently announced recipients of Fonds de recherche Santé-Quebec (FRQS) salary award funding for 2014-15 were 27 faculty members representing McGill’s Faculty of Medicine as well as a bevy of students from across schools within the Faculty.

Congratulations to all of this year’s winners!

List of Faculty members receiving funding for 2014-2015:


Jay Louise Nadeau


Sasha Bernatsky

Madhukar Pai

Maxime Bouchard

Jean-Francois Cloutier

Cecilia Flores-Parkman Noriega

Nancy Feeley

Reut Gruber

Pierre Pluye

Kaberi Dasgupta

Ronald Postuma

Junior 2:

Monzur Murshed

Julie St-Pierre

Céline Gelinas

Simon Bergman

Ines Colmegna

Junior 1:

Andrea Benedetti

Walter Wittich

Justin Kollman

Dana Anaby

Peter Nugus

Aliki Thomas

Patricia Fontela

Bertrand Lebouché

Donald Vinh

Lysanne Campeau

Melissa Henry

Click here to access the full list of recipients, including all of the students.