By Matthew Brett

Congratulations to Faculty members named to the 2020-2021 Faculty Honour List for Educational Excellence!

A symposium to recognize the honorees will take place October 1, from 4:00 to 5:30 p.m. via Zoom. Register here.

Coordinated through the Faculty Development Office, the goal of the Faculty Honour List is to recognize outstanding contributions to education in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences in the areas of teaching, educational leadership and innovation, faculty development, and research and scholarly activity.

Dr. Michelle Elizov, the newly appointed Associate Dean, Faculty Development Office, sung high-praises of the recipients.

“This has been a turbulent time of disruption in our faculty community, so it is particularly rewarding to celebrate individuals who continue to have a lasting impact on education within the Faculty and our broader community,” said Dr. Elizov. “I look forward to personally celebrating with each of you this coming October, albeit remotely.”

We are pleased to share testimonials from colleagues speaking to merits of each recipient below:

Rosetta Antonacci (Ingram School of Nursing)
Quote from a colleague:

“Ms. Rosetta Antonacci has excelled serving the education mandate of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. She has exemplified excellence in all the areas deemed significant and noteworthy. Her contributions to teaching, educational leadership and innovation, faculty development, and scholarly activity have made broad and substantial impacts, and will continue to do so as Ms. Antonacci’s desire to give back is strong and long-lasting and brings out the best in people.”

Annie Chevrier (Ingram School of Nursing)
Quote from a colleague:

“Professor Chevrier has consistently shown herself to be an excellent educator.  She is passionate about her work and is an excellent team player.  Annie identifies educational needs and takes decisive action to respond to those needs for the benefit of the Ingram School of Nursing and the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.”

Mark Daly (Office of Interprofessional Education)
Quote from a colleague:

“Mark is truly an outstanding leader, mentor and scholar in health professions education as evidenced by his exceptional accomplishments relevant to all levels of learners and to the different health professions. He is reflective and thoughtful about his approach to teaching, always seeking innovative ways to engage the learner, and rigorously applying sound principles of learning theory and pedagogy to guide his work. Mark’s natural and effortless presence in the classroom is the result of meticulous preparation, practice and timing. He conducts his sessions like the maestro, ensuring that every element comes together seamlessly. Not surprisingly, his expertise and advice are highly valued by both academic and clinical leaders in the development of state-of-the-art educational programming.”

Sebastian Demyttenaere (Department of Surgery)
Quote from a colleague:

“Unlike many people who take time to find their stride as a teacher in the operating room, Dr. Demyttenaere was always a gifted and natural teacher who receives glowing evaluations from learners at all levels. He is an important role model not only for his clinical skills but for his professionalism and patient care. Dr. Demyttenaere really is a gem and it [is] wonderful for him to receive this significant external recognition for his own teaching as well as his important leadership and scholarly contributions to surgical education at McGill.”

Caroline Marchionni (Ingram School of Nursing)
Quote from a colleague:

“Ms. Marchionni has a way of connecting with her class. Her dynamism, positive feedback, encouragement and the collaborative partnership she developed with her students contributed to a stimulating and safe learning environment. […] I have observed how she guides her fellow teachers to ensure the course is robust and delivered consistently across four sections. […] She brings new ideas and course modifications up for discussion. Ms. Marchionni has made a considerable impact on the academic lives of students who have passed through her classroom doors.”

Gail Myhr (Department of Psychiatry)
Quote from a colleague:

“Dr. Myhr has been an extraordinary educator in our department and as Associate Chair of Education in Psychiatry. [We are] very fortunate to have a Faculty member who has been such an inspiring teacher, supervisor, mentor and role model to medical students, psychiatry residents, psychology interns, mental health professionals and colleagues alike. Her innovation in and commitment to education are rare and her contributions have been widespread and invaluable.”

Anne Marie Sbrocchi (Department of Pediatrics)
Quote from a colleague:

“While many faculty excel as role models and in clinical teaching, Dr. Sbrocchi distinguishes herself in moving far beyond the benchmark; she has demonstrated expertise as a clinical innovator in education, creating and implementing new modalities for learning, particularly in the care of vulnerable children and adolescents.”

Melissa Vollrath (Department of Physiology)
Quote from a colleague:

“If one argues that the Chair is the most important member of a department, then Melissa is definitely a very close second in the Department of Physiology. Melissa has become the go-to person for all aspects of undergraduate teaching in the department. Her dedication and commitments to innovation and excellence have benefited thousands of students. In addition, she is a highly congenial colleague and a consummate team player.”

Timothy Wideman (School of Physical and Occupational Therapy)
Quote from a colleague:

“Dr. Timothy Wideman’s contributions to teaching, education and learning have been outstanding in terms of the quality of his leadership, course development, and use of innovative teaching strategies. He is also a role model for students due to his commitment to their learning, knowledge and expertise, and overall professionalism.”

Congratulations again to all! A reminder that the symposium to recognize the honorees will take place October 1, from 4:00 to 5:30 p.m. via Zoom. Register here.




August 4 2020