From left: Dr. F. Clarke Fraser and Dr. Peter T. Macklem.

Dr. F. Clarke Fraser, one of Canada’s first medical geneticists, and Dr. Peter T. Macklem (1931-2011), one of Canada’s greatest pulmonary clinician-scientists, will be inducted into the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame. These pioneers carried out their illustrious medical careers primarily at McGill and three hospitals of the MUHC, namely The Montreal Children’s Hospital, the Royal Victoria Hospital and the Montreal Chest Institute. In March 2012, they and five other inductees will join 88 laureates in the pantheon of medical heroes who have, according to the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame, “blazed trails, inspired others to follow and extended the boundaries of medical knowledge and health care.”

“McGill’s international reputation is built on the shoulders of exceptional individuals, such as this year’s laureates, Dr. Fraser and Dr. Macklem, from the University’s Faculty of Medicine and its teaching hospital community,” said Dr. Samuel Benaroya, Interim Vice-Principal of Health Affairs and Interim Dean of Medicine. “We are extremely proud and grateful for their ground-breaking work in their respective fields, for their dedication to training future generations, and for their transformative contributions to the health of our society.”

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