CIgarette danger

Infuriated by the Government’s inaction, physicians from the McGill University Health Centre challenge Réjean Hébert, Quebec’s Minister of Health, pressing him to proceed with the revision of the law on tobacco once parliament resumes.

Each week, physicians are faced with telling lung cancer patients that they can do nothing for them. It is often too late, says Dr. Dick Menzies, Chief of respiratory care at the Montreal Chest Institute.

“These patients are inoperable. There is no possible cure even with radiotherapy or chemotherapy. In 80% of cases, results in death within an average of six months”, described Dr. Menzies.

Dr. Menzies and his colleague, Dr. David Mulder, senior thoracic surgeon at the Montreal General Hospital, and long time doctor of the Montreal Canadiens, sent a letter to the Minister of health on Friday, pressing him to act…

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January 26, 2014