On behalf of the McGill Faculty of Medicine, a warm CONGRATULATIONS to this year’s recipients of the Dean of Medicine Awards of Excellence and the Award for Excellence in Service to Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies!

Anne McCormick Award – M Classification
Margie Gabriel

Administrative Assistant

School of Nursing

Priyabrata “PB” Mukhopadhyay Award – T Classification
Anna Jimenez

Chief Animal Health Technician

Comparative Medicine and Animal Resources Centre

Pamela Chase Award – C Classification
Thomas Leslie

Graduate Program Coordinator

Department of Human Genetics

The Dean of Medicine Awards of Excellence are conferred upon individuals who are nominated by colleagues for the following attributes: performance above and beyond the call of duty, dedication and caring, creative problem-solving, initiative, motivation and contribution to boosting morale.

The Award for Excellence in Service to Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies is given each year to a member of McGill’s administrative and support staff. This year’s winner is Anna Santandréa, who was also recognized at the OVATION event.

Margie, Anna Jimenez, Anna Santandréa and Thomas, together with all of this year’s nominees, are shining examples of the outstanding individuals that the Faculty of Medicine is fortunate to have. Thank you and congratulations to all!

A special thanks to the new members of the Selection Committee who began their three-year term this spring.