CentraideTo all members of the McGill community,

As one of the world’s top universities, we empower people to take charge of their lives through education. McGill is also a community of engaged people, committed to making our city a better place.

That’s why we are leading a Centraide fundraising campaign on our campuses. This major effort, an important part of the greater Montreal Centraide Campaign, is one of the most significant ways in which McGill makes a difference in the city we call home.

When we give to Centraide, our donation stays in our local communities. Centraide supports over 360 Montreal-area organizations and projects that assist people with healthcare, childcare, youth mentoring, and senior programs, as well as those that offer housing assistance and legal information programs, and much more. You will recognize some of these organizations as ones already linked to McGill, such as Santropol Roulant, Head & Hands, and Project Genesis. These agencies and organizations, however, do not have the resources for large fundraising campaigns and rely on the Centraide campaign each year for additional funding. Centraide spends less than 15% on central administration, meaning 85 cents of every dollar raised goes directly back to the community.

You could say that Centraide is an umbrella network, or a hub for community change.

Principal Suzanne Fortier will lead us as we kick off the 2014 campaign on October 2 at the March of 1000 Umbrellas. Remember to bring your McGill or red umbrella and please pass the word along to your friends and co-workers!

Campaign Co-Chairs:

We are thrilled to introduce ourselves as Campaign Co-Chairs: Rosie Goldstein, Vice-Principal (Research and International Relations); Daniel Jutras, Dean of the Faculty of Law; and Courtney Ayukawa, President of the Students’ Society of McGill University.

In these volunteer roles, we will lead McGill in raising funds for our children, our elders, and our communities in the Montreal area.

Campaign goal:

We have big shoes to fill! During last year’s campaign, McGill students, faculty, and staff raised a record $417,000. But this is McGill and we love a challenge, so we have set the bar even higher this year. Our campaign goal is $425,000 and to meet it we need your help.

How to give:

Please keep an eye out for an email in early October, which will guide you through a simple donation process. A listing of Centraide events and activities will also be updated regularly on our website, Facebook page and Twitter feed @McGillCentraide.

Thank you to everyone in the McGill community your ongoing commitment to making a difference in Montreal’s communities through Centraide. We can’t wait to tell you more in the coming days.


Rosie Goldstein (Vice-Principal, Research and International Relations)

Daniel Jutras (Dean, Faculty of Law)

Courtney Ayukawa (President, Students’ Society of McGill University)