The first nursing research journal in Canada was launched as Nursing Papers in 1969

Source: ISoN

When Moyra Allen launched Nursing Papers in 1969, she had an ambitious idea to fill a gap in nursing research and education in Canada. It was a time of significant cultural and societal change, and the role of nurses in the healthcare system — itself undergoing fundamental change — was expanding in scope and importance.

In her editorial in Volume 1, Issue 1, Dr. Allen explained the publication’s goal and invited readers to submit their work:

“…the staff of the School for Graduate Nurses has decided to sponsor a small paper to provide a medium for assessing problems, for posing questions, and for describing ideas and plans of action by persons concerned with nursing research and with nursing education in our universities. We wish to invite faculty in university schools and nurses with similar concerns to participate – to contribute articles and, in addition, to find a public forum in this paper to respond in critical fashion to the ideas presented.”

For 47 years, the publication held a unique place in scholarly publishing: it was the only Canadian-based, international nursing research journal, and was produced out of the School of Nursing at McGill University.

In 1985, Mary Ellen Jeans, the second editor and the School’s director at the time, renamed the publication the Canadian Journal of Nursing Research, and transformed it into a research journal. Dr. Jeans set out to establish a peer-review system at a time of increasing nursing scholarship.

Laurie Gottlieb took the helm as editor in 1992, and shortly after, introduced the role of guest editor for each issue. The publication was renamed CJNR, and along with three successive associate editors—Mary Grossman, Anita Gagnon and Sean Clarke—she moved the publication forward to respond to changing demands and anticipate new trends in nursing, nursing research, health care, and publishing.

Both Clarke and Grossman eventually served as editors, and in 2016, Sage Publishing assumed publication of the title. CJNR continues to serve both the Canadian and international nursing communities as a forum for nursing knowledge and research.


The CJNR digital archive ( includes all issues from 1969 to 2015.




July 8 2020