2019 Principal’s prize for public engagement through media

It is time to submit nominations for the 2019 Principals Prize for Public Engagement Through Media. Prizes this year ($5,000 each) will be awarded in the following four categories:

  • Pioneer Prize – for graduate students, research associates and post-doctoral fellows who have started to engage with media or the public within the past five years.
  • Established Academic Prize – for current academic staff who engage with the media and/or the public and who are 10+ years beyond doctorate or other highest degree awarded.
  • Emerging Researcher Prize (new) – for researchers who engage with the media and/or the public and who are no more than 10 years beyond their doctorate or other highest degree awarded.
  • Collaboration Prize (new) – for undergraduate and graduate student groups that engage with the external community and/or the media.

The deadline for submission is January 31, 2020. We ask that a copy of each submission be sent to jason.clement@mcgill.ca.

  • Examples of media or public engagement included in nominations must have taken place between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019.
  • Examples of media presence include, but are not limited to, a presence in news articles, vlogs, blogs, YouTube videos, online discussions, opinion pieces, social media and in interviews in print, radio or television, and podcasts.
  • Public engagement with research may include, but is not limited to, participation in or the creation of festivals, exhibitions, lab visits, tours, workshops, publication of booklets, etc. It can also include partnerships with arts, scientific, educational or cultural organizations, etc.
  • Other areas that can be included for consideration are engagement with policy-makers, engagement with non-academic stakeholder groups where there is the potential for social, educational or cultural impact and partnerships with public services including the educational sector and schools, local government, government agencies and other public bodies.


  • Attendance, presentation and publication in regular academic fora such as academic conferences, on ResearchGate, in all academic journals, since these venues are not designed to reach non-academic audiences, or
  • examples of media involvement or public engagement for which the candidate receives financial compensation or academic credit.

All letters of support cannot exceed one page in length and must include the sender’s contact information.
Nomination forms and additional information are available here.



December 24 2019