The Centre for Medical Education welcomes applications for the Class of Medicine 1974 Faculty Scholar for Teaching Excellence & Innovation in Medical Education.

The goal of this opportunity is to strengthen medical education in the Faculty by emphasizing the importance of educational excellence and scholarship through innovation and the deployment of effective methods of teaching and learning.

A one-year stipend of $10,000, in addition to a $2,500 travel stipend, will be given to a faculty member who wishes to pursue research and scholarly activity in medical education, specifically in teaching and student learning.

It is expected that the Scholar will spend a minimum of one day per week at the Centre for Medical Education as a Centre Member, participating in Centre activities and scholarship in medical education.

Please note that this is not a teaching award; this award is designed to support a faculty member who wishes to conduct research that will directly inform the education of McGill medical students.

Deadline for Applications:

The deadline for applications is February 28, 2019, for funds to be awarded in July 1, 2019.

Application Process:

To apply, please submit: (1) a copy of your CV; (2) a one-page description of your teaching achievements and future plans in medical education; (3) a two-page description of what you hope to achieve as a Faculty Scholar, and your proposed topic of research; and (4) a letter of support from your Departmental Chair. At the end of the year, you will be expected to provide a one-page summary of your scholarly work, present your research to members of the Centre for Medical Education, and pursue dissemination in a variety of venues.

To submit your application and for further information, please contact the Centre for Medical Education at 514-398-4987 or


January 16, 2019