Faculty members in the Faculty of Medicine are encouraged to apply for the Class of Medicine 1970 Educational Award for Teaching Excellence and Innovation.

Organized through the new Institute of Health Sciences Education, this award was created in order to contribute to scholarship and educational excellence in the Faculty of Medicine through innovation and the support of effective methods of teaching and learning.

“My class appreciated the teachers who passed on their knowledge and experiences,” said Dr. Gordon Crelinsten, President of the Class of Medicine 1970. “The goal of this gift is to strengthen this legacy of learning with effective and innovative teaching methods.”

This award is designed to support a faculty member who wishes to learn and/or further develop a skill that can be directly applied to the education of McGill medical students and residents. This award may also be used to support the training of an outstanding young individual, such as a fellow or junior faculty member, who has demonstrated a particular aptitude and interest in the scholarship of teaching.

The subject of study may be new teaching methods to be used in the classroom, simulation laboratory or clinical setting, all of which have the potential to enhance the medical school experience.

The award will be in the amount of $7,000. The support could be applied to professional development or to securing protected time from clinical responsibilities.

Deadline for Applications: May 31, 2019, for funds to be awarded in September 2019.
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April 24, 2019