The 3rd International Congress on Whole Person Care will be held in Montreal, from October 17–20, 2019. The deadline for submission of abstracts for workshops and oral presentations for the Congress is January 31. Get more information about the Congress and submissions.

We are aiming to re-invigorate participants’ satisfaction in the practice of healthcare. Healing interactions between healthcare workers and patients are key to the transformation that we seek to promote and we will attempt to model healing relationships in all our interactions with you from the time you pick up your badge to your departure at the completion of the Congress.

After two very successful Congresses on Whole Person Care we have planned this 3rd Congress to continue what worked so well in the first two Congresses and to add features that will maximize the overall effect. These features include: more interactive workshops, all of which will be 90 min. long; a light supper on October 18 to allow participants to remain at the venue for the play reading and panel discussion; the play reading by professional actors; a group of very exciting and provocative plenary speakers, allotted times for review and discussion of posters;  and a more secluded quiet room for reflection and relaxation*.

*Note that we are making these changes without any increase in registration cost and we offer some reduction in cost for those participants who register before October 15, 2018.


January 21, 2019