As of November 30, McGill was in 4th position in terms of response rate. Help us be #1!

All medical students and residents in Canada are invited to complete the National Physician Survey (NPS) by Wednesday, Dec. 19. The Faculty of Medicine of McGill University  has joined with Canadian health care leaders in support of this important initiative. Your input matters – help shape the future of your profession.

For details, visit the NPS website and to take the survey.

 Add your voice to Canada’s largest physician workforce survey

The NPS takes the pulse of Canada’s medical profession through input from Canadian physicians, residents and medical students. It will take only 10-15 minutes to complete.  All responses will remain completely confidential. Your input will help the Faculty of Medicine of McGill University  get a clearer understanding of your views and perspectives, helping us support your needs and Canadian health care more effectively in the future.

Participate and you could win $1,000!

Completing and returning the survey makes you eligible to win a $1,000 prize.  Also, if your medical school finishes with the highest response rate, an additional $1,000 prize will be awarded to your faculty.

To learn more or examine past survey results and to complete the survey,  please visit



November 26, 2012