We are pleased to announce the appointment of the Academic Leads for the four components of the MDCM program at the new Campus médical en Outaouais (CMO), Faculty of Medicine, McGill University. Reporting to the respective Component Director within the Faculty of Medicine, each Academic Lead is responsible for the organization and functioning of their component in the region.

Dr. Rania Gosselin-Papadopoulos, Academic Lead, Fundamentals of Medicine and Dentistry (FMD), Outaouais

Dr. Gosselin-Papadopoulos received her medical degree from Université de Montréal before completing her residency in Paediatrics at Western University. She is a general pediatrician at the CISSS Outaouais (CISSSO) since 2017 and has been active in clinical education in Paediatrics since 2012, first as a resident teacher and now as a staff physician. She is a member of the Board of Directors and past president of the Residents Section of the Canadian Paediatric Society (2015-2016).

Dr. Maxime Labelle, Academic Lead, Transition to Clinical Practice (TCP), Outaouais

Dr. Labelle obtained his MDCM from McGill University in 2012, where he also completed his core residency training in Internal Medicine followed by subspeciality training in General Internal Medicine. He has been practising as a general internist at the CISSSO since 2017. He has been working actively in clinical education and simulation-based curriculum development for several years. Dr. Labelle was the recipient of the Lorne E. Cassidy Teaching Award for exceptional resident teachers in 2015.

Dr. Marion Koch, Academic Lead, Clerkship, Outaouais

Dr. Koch received her medical degree from McMaster University in 1993, before completing her residency in Psychiatry at McGill. She has been practising as a psychiatrist in Outaouais since 1999 and joined the McGill Faculty in 2001, where she is now Assistant Professor. She is involved in clinical education at all levels, from undergraduate medical education to continuing professional development (CPD). She is currently Director of Psychiatry Training for the undergraduate curriculum at the CMO and Director of Residency Training in that discipline at the CISSSO, where she also chairs the CPD Psychiatry Department Committee.

Dr. Guylène Thériault, Academic Lead, Physicianship, Outaouais

A medical graduate of Université de Montréal, Dr. Thériault completed her Family Medicine residency at McGill in 1996. In 2013, she earned a diploma in Evidence-based Health Care from Oxford University. In November 2016, she was appointed Assistant Dean, Distributed Medical Education, for the Faculty of Medicine, overseeing the training of students and residents in rural and remote clinical teaching sites. She has worked as a clinician teacher in Family Medicine and Medical Officer of Public Health in Outaouais for the past two decades. A former Director of Professional Services for the CSSS Gatineau, Dr. Thériault joined the Board of Directors of the Quebec Medical Association in 2016. She is a member of the Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care and was recently named Primary Care Co-Lead for Choosing Wisely Canada, also contributing to the workshop Practising Wisely.

The Academic Leads in Outaouais will implement the decisions of the MDCM Program Committee and Component Subcommittees based on policies and procedures that will ensure both the quality of the educational experience and compliance with accreditation standards for their respective curriculum component at the CMO.

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Gosselin-Papadopoulos, Dr. Labelle, Dr. Koch and Dr. Thériault on their appointment and in wishing them the utmost success in their new roles, as they help to prepare the academic foundation for the launch of the CMO in 2020.


Dr. Beth-Ann Cummings

Associate Dean

Undergraduate Medical Education


Dr. Gilles Brousseau

Assistant Dean

Medical Education – Outaouais Region



June 8, 2018