Medical student is one of four McGill students to win a 2021 Quebec Lieutenant Governor Youth medal

By François Shalom, McGill Reporter

In her second year of med school, Anne Bouthillier started noticing that a lot of patients did not recognize the signs of a stroke.

The solution?

“With a colleague, we started Démasquer l’AVCa stroke prevention initiative, doing conferences in community centres for seniors, at companies and in different settings,” said Bouthillier, a McGill medical student about to earn her MDCM degree before embarking on her residency in psychiatry.

“The pandemic made it more difficult to continue this kind of social event, so we did videos on stroke prevention for distribution.”

The initiative helped Bouthillier earn a Quebec Lieutenant Governor Youth medal. She is one of four McGill students to receive the honour this year. The prestigious award recognizes the involvement, determination and constant striving of Quebecers who have or have had a positive influence in their community. The other McGill medalists are Logan StackSophia Roy and Vassil Kroumov.

Fighting isolation

The pandemic has actually steered her study choices to a certain extent.

“It’s a huge thing, so as a medical student, I found I had a role to play. I volunteered with public health authorities doing contact tracing [in April 2020]. With a colleague, we created a virtual platform to reach seniors,” the group most isolated by the pandemic.

Déconfinement virtuel pour aînés centralized resources to help seniors navigate the web and find online activities to break that isolation, Bouthillier noted.

“I personally witnessed this isolation, so managing this platform allowed me to understand and support this vulnerable segment of the population in an unparalleled way.”

As a result, she was invited to provide recommendations to Quebec’s health ministry concerning the health and well-being of seniors during the pandemic.

Cultural harmony spurred interest in medicine

Among the honours and distinctions Bouthillier received before her Quebec Lieutenant Governor Youth medal was the Governor General’s Academic Medal in 2016, awarded to the student with the highest overall academic average for all programs combined at her Collège André-Grasset Cegep.

“The Lieutenant Governor Youth medal is a great honour,” Bouthillier said. “McGill is filled with very talented and engaged students. So to be chosen as a recipient recognizes that McGill, especially the faculty I was in for five years, is an environment that encouraged us to thrive and be engaged, not only in our studies, but also in our communities and as a person.”

Bouthillier also credited the harmony that her bi-cultural upbringing as a Lebanese Québécoise instilled in her, prompting her to pursue medicine in the service of people.

Nor has she forgotten that in order to help others, it’s imperative to help oneself.

“Sport is my passion. Rare is the day when I don’t swim, run or bike,” added Bouthillier, who came in fifth in her category in the 2019 Montreal marathon, the first she ever ran.

“Sport training provides an added dimension to my personal ethics – a recognition of effort, perseverance and accomplishment.”

“I’m convinced that the determination at the core of my being will make me a physician who will make a difference on a personal as well as collective level.”

Congratulations Anne!