Ana Lungu, a graduate student at the Department of Family Medicine, was awarded best oral presentation by a master’s student at the Obesity and Hypertension Canada congress in Banff, Alberta. Her presentation was titled “Associations of Neighbourhood Features with Youth Physical Inactivity, Sedentary Behaviour and Screen Time.” Ana’s supervisor is Tracie Barnett, PhD, Associate Professor at the Department.

Ana presented her longitudinal research project which examined Quebec youth with a parental history of obesity, followed from ages 8-10 to 10-12 years. The data used were from the QUALITY cohort, an ongoing study on the natural history of obesity in 630 Quebec families. She found that neighbourhood determinants may impact specific sedentary behaviour outcomes differently, with some groups more susceptible to their effects than others. For example, access to parks was associated with decreased screen time in all children, at all ages. However, access to parks was only associated with sedentary time in girls aged 10-12 years. Only neighborhood disorder was associated with physical inactivity, and only in younger boys.

Congratulations Ana!

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