On June 2nd, around 100 post-graduate medical education (PGME) residents graduating from 9 different training sites at the Department of Family Medicine were celebrated at a ceremony held in Rialto Theatre in downtown Montreal. The event was attended by fellow residents, senior members of the PGME family medicine program as well as administrative staff from each of the training sites. The event was an opportunity to recognize the achievements of the graduating residents, each of whom received their McGill certificate and pin.

Dr. Fanny Hersson-Edery, the PGME Program Director, opened the ceremony and acknowledged the hard work that the residents had put in to get to where they are today. Dr. Robert Carlin, Assistant Program Director (Curriculum), and Dr. Sandra Morris, Associate Program Director (Assessment and Evaluation) were also in attendance to congratulate the graduating residents.

There was also a special recognition to Dr. Lynn McLaughlin (Assistant Program Director- Assessment and Evaluation) who has completed her 4 year mandate (2019-2023). We also said goodbye to Patricia Ledoux (Teaching Site Administrator at CLSC Metro) who has worked in medical education for over 30 years! She started at the MUHC in pediatrics, then worked at CLSC Côte des Neiges and then spent 10 years at CLSC Metro. She will be starting her retirement and will be truly missed by all her colleagues!

The evening ended with a cocktail reception and a music performance by Jazz trio Band from the Schulich School of Music.

Thank you to Julie Lane, the PGME Administrative Officer, and Alana Walsh-Ferland, the Administrative Student Affairs Coordinator, both of whom organized a tremendous event for our graduating residents!

Check out the main photos here and the official group photos below, taken by Marie Moucarry.

CLSC Côte des Neiges

Graduating Cohort of 2023: Dr Jessica Benady-Chorney, Dr Jasmine Chang, Dr Sara El Jaouhari, Dr Lara El Zahabi, Dr Isabelle Tuyet-Phuong Nahn, Dr Vithushaa Panchadcharam, Dr Tarsan Sangarapillai, Dr Emad Tahir.

Not present but also graduating from CLSC CDN: Dr Yi Bin (Brian) Dang, Dr Katia Hamitouche, Dr Jacob Kleiman, Dr Natanel Sebbag, Dr McKenzie White.

UFMG Jardins-Roussillon

Graduating Cohort of 2023: Dr. Aurélie Fortin, Dr. Béatrice Gagnon, Dr. Karine Gou, Dr. Caroline Péloquin, Dr. Alessia Ségaux, Dr. Angie Shen, Dr. Cynthia Veilleux.

Not present but also graduating from U-FMG Jardins-Roussillon: Dr. Marc-Aurèle Chay, Dr. Anne Marie Gravel.

Herzl Family Practice Center- JGH

Graduating Cohort of 2023: Dr. Safina Adatia, Dr. Oulmide Adeleye, Dr. Sonia Berkani, Dr. Janet Chan, Dr. Alexia De Simone, Dr. Zhou Fang, Dr. Pamela Beatriz Herrera Navarrete, Dr. Madison Meehan, Dr. Justin Morin, Dr. Abbesha Nadarajah, Dr. Daniel Naiman, Dr. Cristina Nebunescu Schirliu, Dr. Adrienne Poitras.

Not present but also graduating from Herzl Family Practice Center: Dr. Anna Fang, Dr. Xiaoya Gao, Dr. Katherina Giannios, Dr. Kourosh Lalavi, Dr. Charlotte Martin, Dr. Nigel Navaratnarajah, Dr. David Rubin, Dr. Avigayil Sorokine, Dr. Ahmed Traoré.

CLSC Parc Extension

Graduating Cohort of 2023: Dr. Mazzn Ali, Dr. Harsh Bhardwaj, Dr. Zara Javed, Dr. Faizan Mansoory.

Not present but also graduating from CLSC Parc Extension: Dr. Hannah Hyde-de Sousa, Dr. Maitreyi Pal Singh.

UFMG Gatineau

Graduating Cohort of 2023: Dr. Ayudish Boolaky, Dr. Antoine Champagne, Dr. Inna Ermeichouk, Dr. Oxana Gangan, Dr. Shanaya Guay, Dr. Christophe Jerjian, Dr. Sara Omaiche, Dr. Caroline Pelletier, Dr. Isabelle Richard, Dr. Jonathan-Mathieu Rouhana.

Not present but also graduating from U-FMG Gatineau: Dr. Mélanie Lavoie.

Queen Elizabeth Health Center

Graduating Cohort of 2023: Dr. Julia Munden, Dr. David Tardio, Dr. Alexander Toy.

Not present but also graduating from Queen Elizabeth Health Center: Dr. Ellen Dunbar-Lavoie.

CLSC Métro

Graduating Cohort of 2023: Dr. Audrey Ah-Sing, Dr. Josh Zhuo Le Huang, Dr. Michaël Raymond.

St Mary’s Hospital

Graduating Cohort of 2023: Dr. Melissa Bailey, Dr. Jérémie Boivin-Côté, Dr. Emmanuelle Cantin, Dr. Jesse Chevrier, Dr. Amy Daradich, Dr. Emily Duong, Dr. Marina Lara Fesdeskjian, Dr. Eva Lizeth Irigoyen Lopez, Dr. Nicolas Koziris, Dr. Sabrina Lasry-Shemie, Dr. Valérie Lavigne, Dr. Alicia Lessard, Dr. Vivian Leung, Dr. Sebastian Mott, Dr. Martin O’Donovan, Dr. Alka Patel, Dr. Jennifer Robinson, Dr. Léanne Roncière, Dr. Julia Vetere, Dr. Kathryn Wheeler.

Not present but also graduating from St Mary’s Hospital: Dr. Marie-Claire Arentsen, Dr. Melisa Gudzio, Dr. Zi Jin Ji, Dr. Lisa Lam, Dr. Michael Fady, Dr. Duncan Sibthrope, Dr. Ramdane Tafer.