Organizer: Dr. Richard Kremer
When: Thursday March 14, 2013.
Where: At the McGill Faculty Club at 3450 McTavish Street, Montreal, Quebec
Who will attend: There will be approximately 100 guests attending the morning session and the afternoon session. This will mainly include endocrinologists, internists, rheumatologist, orthopedic surgeons as well as scientists, students, residents and post-doctoral fellows. However, anybody interested in musculoskeletal research and its clinical applications is welcome to attend.

The registration is free.

Meeting at a glance (a full program will follow):
Morning session:

Bone Strength:  Assessment and therapeutic targeting.

Lunch Break and Poster Presentation. This will be an opportunity for students, residents and post-docs to present their work and get feedback from attendees. In addition, posters will be reviewed by three judges during the lunch break and 4 out of 20 posters will be selected for an award.

Award presentation will take place at the end of the Symposium

Afternoon session:

Bone, cartilage and muscle: breakdown and repair

Invited Speakers and topics covered:

Dr. Jake Barralet “Novel implant strategies in bone and cartilage repair”

Dr. Giovanni DiBattista “G-protein coupled receptor-controlled signalosome:  A proteomic analysis.”

Dr. Vicente Gilsanz “A general review of imaging tools in screening bone, muscle, and fat.”

Dr. David Goltzman   “Novel therapeutic targets in osteoporosis.”

Dr. Geoffrey Hendy “Role of menin in bone development.”

Dr. Boris Janos “Myostatin: a novel therapeutic target for the treatment of skeletal muscle wasting.”

Dr. Andrew Karaplis “Role of the PTHrP in bone and cartilage development”

Dr. Ben Leder Is there an advantage of combining anabolic and antiresorptive agents in oosteoporosis?”

Dr. Suzanne Morin “Long-term effects of bisphosphonates.”

Dr. Anie Philip “Targeting TGF-beta pathway to improve skin and cartilage repair.”

Dr. René St-Arnaud “Characterization of a new signal transduction cascade downstream from PTH in bone.”

Sponsors: Amgen, Lilly, RSBO, McGill CBPR and the MSK Axis of the MUHC
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February 14, 2013