For the 8th edition of Mini-Psych School at the Douglas Institute, Sophie Grégoire, Ambassador, is inviting all Canadians to better understand how hormones and the brain influence many aspects of women’s daily lives.

Whether in class or via live Web broadcast, Mini-Psych School students can explore how mood, perceptions, decision making and thoughts are the result of interactions between our brain activity and hormonal activity.

“A healthy mind is the cornerstone of a healthy and balanced life; it is the starting point for every action we take to live a fulfilled and rewarding life as well” said Sophie Grégoire, Mini-Psych School Ambassador, inviting all Canadians to sign up for the 2013 season. In these three videos, she is also asking:

How do you find balance ?
How do you take care of yourself ?
Will you be a team member ?

Mini-Psych School will give you direct access to the latest scientific information on mental health from clinicians and researchers who are internationally recognized in their fields. Women will talk about their lived experiences with mental health and what they did to get better.

Mini-Psych School program : October 29 to November 19

The four-course session for the general public will be held in English.

  • Tuesday , October 29

    Born to be anxious? Not! -Valentina Munoz, PhD

  • Tuesday, November 5

    Body image and self-esteem: effect on women’s mental health – Mimi Israël, MD, FRCPC

  • Tuesday, November 12

    Sleep like a baby – Diane Boivin, MD, PhD

  • Tuesday, November 19

    Sex hormones and development – Claire Dominique Walker, PhD

Go to the 2013 Mini-Psych School page for more information and to register.

Emmanuelle Paciullo

Douglas Institute

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September 27, 2013