The 2013-2014 awards and grants programs offered by the FRQS are now available online. The e-forms will be available by July 11.

Important change regarding the Canadian Common CV

Most of the awards and grants programs offered by the FRQS require that applicants submit a Canadian Common CV (CCV). Even though a new version of the CCV has been available since June 19th, researchers who apply for funding to the FRQS or to the other Fonds de recherche du Québec (Fonds Nature et technologies or Fonds Société et culture) must continue to use the previous version of the CCV. The Fonds will only accept previous versions. New versions of the CCV will be rejected.
PLEASE NOTE that the previous version of the CCV (the only version accepted by the Fonds) is accessible from a new URL: Be sure to change your bookmarks.

The Fonds are investing every effort to minimize the inconvenience that these changes may cause to applicants. The Fonds remain partners in the Canadian Common CV and will adhere to the new version of the CCV once it meets the criteria determined based on tests conducted with members of the scientific community to alleviate the work of researchers and evaluation committee members.

Main changes to the current programs

Details on the changes made this year to the awards and grants programs are outlined in each specific program description.

The changes to the training awards are minor and pertain to the mandatory documents and their transmission to the FRQS. The changes simplify the submission process, in keeping with the principles set out in the sustainable development policy.

The main changes to the career awards involve the eligibility criteria of the Research Scholars and Clinical Research Scholars programs. As part of a vast initiative to foster and support clinical research, both programs are now open to specialist physicians who do not hold an award from the FRQS or CIHR. Specialists who hold a research grant or who are working on a technology assessment research project may, under certain circumstances, receive salary support from the Fédération des médecins spécialistes du Québec.

The main changes to the research grants affect the eligibility criteria, application evaluation process and main objectives of certain programs.

Finally, with regards to the groups, centres and thematic networks grants, the research groups program and the innovative strategic development program are closed to new applications this year. The Scientific Affairs office of the Fonds will be assessing the impacts of these grant programs ahead of its 2013-2016 strategic planning.

New programs

This year, the FRQS is launching two new postdoctoral award programs and two new grant programs:

Programs that were not renewed

Les sept programmes suivants ne seront pas reconduits cette année :

  • Preservation and improvement of the nutritional value of food in order to improve health
  • FRQS/Inserm (France) Exchange Program – short-term mission
  • Pfizer-FRQS-MSSS Chronic Disease Fund
  • Pfizer-FRQS Innovation Fund
  • Research program in environment-cancer, CRS GRePEC competition
  • Louis-Berlinguet Postdoctoral Training Award (in partnership with Génome Québec)
  • Québec-Europe (ERA-AGE2) projects on aging


July 12, 2012