On Saturday, November 17, the McGill University Health Centre honoured the exceptional contributions of ten individuals and one team at its 2012 Director General’s Awards Gala. Included in the recipients were three Faculty of Medicine members; Dr. Francesco Carli, Dr. Elisa Ruano-Cea and Dr. Louise Pilote.

The nominees’ contributions to the MUHC were judged as follows:

Altruism – the practice of unselfish concern for the well being of others without ulterior motive, showing compassion, selflessness, etc.

Positive impact upon: organization, patient, team/unit/department.

Initiative – the competency, motivation and skill to begin and follow through with a plan or task outside of one’s regular duties.
Dr. Francesco Carli


“My mission is to make people totally comfortable,” says Dr. Francesco Carli, the Montreal General Hospital Acute Pain and Consult Service medical director. “Pain relief helps people heal.”

Dr. Carli speaks enthusiastically about the importance of pain relief from a clinical and research point of view. He also believes that patients have a lot to say if we simply take the time to listen to them, going as far as acting on their comments to improve pain performance. “We can’t know what we need to improve if we don’t know what is going well and what needs to be improved,” he says.

Dr. Elisa Ruano-Cea


Dr. Elisa Ruano-Cea has been interested in advocacy and global health since her high school years. “I have always liked to learn about other cultures, locally and globally, and see how I could make a difference or contribute in some way,” says the fourth-year resident in Pediatrics. “This was one of the major drives that brought me to medicine.”

“I truly believe that when you are passionate about what you are doing and actively involved, common goals and visions can be achieved, and positively impact patient care.”

Dr. Louise Pilote
[Research Institute]

“I take pride in developing exciting initiatives,” says Dr. Pilote. “And mentoring— at home and at work—is of course always at the forefront.”

McGill and MUHC Director of the Division of General Internal Medicine Dr. Louise Pilote has always been attracted by challenges. “My whole life I have been driven to do the best and wherever there is a challenge I have always gone for it,” she says. “So when I decided to pursue medicine I thought to myself, why don’t I learn English at the same time? For the first six months I had to study 17 hours a day so I could get through pre med!”


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November 26, 2012