10th Annual Retreat of the Musculoskeletal Axis: Trends in Molecular and Clinical

Musculoskeletal Research 2014

Program Summary


Organizers:                        Dr. Richard Kremer (McGill), Dr. Angela Cheung (U of Toronto)

When:                                 Friday, February 7, 2014

Where:                               Omni Hotel, 1050 Sherbrooke St. W., Montreal

Who will attend: There will be approximately 100 guests attending the retreat. This will mainly include endocrinologists, internists, rheumatologist, orthopedic surgeons as well as scientists, students, residents and post-doctoral fellows. However, anybody interested in musculoskeletal research and its clinical applications is welcome to attend. The registration is free.

Meeting at a glance:

Registration: 7:30 a.m.

12:00-2:00 p.m. Lunch Break and Poster Presentation

This will be an opportunity for students, residents and post-docs to present their work and get feedback from attendees. In addition, posters will be reviewed by judges during the lunch break and best posters will be selected for monetary awards and plaques.  Award presentation will take place at the end of the Symposium

Invited Speakers and topics covered:

Morning Session:

  8:20     Opening Remarks

  8:30     Dr Ross Andersen, “Long Term Bone Health After Bariatric Surgery”

  9:00     Dr Jonathan Adachi, “Glucocorticoid-induced osteoporosis”

  9:30     Dr Angela Cheung, “Atypical femoral fractures”

10:00     Dr Robert Josse, “Potential new therapeutic options for osteoporosis from an understanding of the wnt/B-catenin pathway”

10:50     Dr Louis-Georges Ste-Marie, “Unusual cases of bone fragility with and without low bone mass: role of the bone biopsy”

11:20     Dr Bill Leslie, “Trabecular Bone Score (TBS): The Buzz and the Basics”

Afternoon Session:

  2:00     Dr Itzik Golan, “The Role of CD44 and its Ligand Galectin-8 in the Induction of Apoptosis in  

the Arthritic Joints: Routes to New Therapies for Autoimmune and Cancer Diseases”

  2:30     Dr  Jacques Brown, “Current understanding of Paget’s disease of  bone”

  3:00     Dr David A. Hanley, “Vitamin D and the Canadian Multicentre Osteoporosis Study: Guidance for Guidelines”

  3:30     Dr  Richard Kremer, “Skeletal metastases: mechanisms and therapeutic approaches”

Sponsors:   Amgen, RSBO, McGill CBPR and the MSK Axis of the MUHC


Contact: Carmen Ferrara: 514 398-6028 or



January 24, 2014