On January 20, 2016, 11 Faculty of Medicine educators were presented with a 2015 Transition to Clinical Practice (TCP) Award for Excellence in Teaching during an event held in Holmes Hall.

Dr. David Eidelman, Vice-Principal (Health Affairs) and Dean, Faculty of Medicine opened the proceedings and presented each laureate with their award, joined by Dr. Beth-Ann Cummings, the newly appointed Associate Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education, Sophie Vincent, President of the medical student Class of 2017 and Dr. Laurie Plotnick, TCP Component Director, who read a sampling of the student comments for each laureate before asking them to accept their award.

TCP is a unique six-month component of the medical curriculum where students are given the opportunity to apply their knowledge, to practice their skills, and to learn key aspects of various disciplines without being responsible for patient care.

Dr. Plotnick highlighted that those faculty members who participate in TCP display, “A true dedication and commitment to medical education since the teaching is neither seen as university-based as in FMD nor clinical supervision as in Clerkship. Yet the students have expressed enormous appreciation for faculty who generously share their time and wisdom.”

Speaking on behalf of her fellow medical students, Vincent highlighted that appreciation. “Medical school is about more than accreditation,” she noted. “TCP is different from clerkship, and that’s a difference at McGill – a good difference – and part of what makes our medical education here special.” She thanked the honourees for, “Inspiring us, letting us into your busy lives and showing us what it’s really like to be a doctor, which is something you can’t truly appreciate by watching videos in an amphitheatre. Continue to be kind to your patients and good to your students.”

For each laureate, a monetary contribution to the TCP Teaching Fund was made by the Faculty of Medicine in order to purchase educational material and tools to support teachers during TCP.

Congratulations to all our laureates!

Anesthesia, Avinash Kuar Sinah.
Anesthesia, Avinash Kuar Sinah. “My experience with working with Dr. Sinha was the highlight of my rotation.” (Photo: Nicolas Morin)

FamilyMedicine, Leonora Lalla.
Family Medicine, Leonora Lalla. “Dr. Lalla was extremely approachable when we had questions and had a very likeable way of teaching.” (Photo: Nicolas Morin)

Pediatrics, Najma Ahmed and Naomi Paice.
Pediatrics, Najma Ahmed and Naomi Paice. “Dr. Ahmed has a straightforward approach and is an attentive teacher.” “[Dr. Paice is] Welcoming, and understanding. She took the time to explain and was very focused on letting us learn, and very nice about doing it.” (Photo: Nicolas Morin)

Neurology, Fraser Moore and Stuart Lubarsky.
Neurology, Fraser Moore and Stuart Lubarsky. “Dr. Moore goes above and beyond to make sure his students are having the best possible learning experience in neurology!” “Dr. Lubarsky was one of the best preceptors I have had in medical school. He is truly an exceptional and inspiring instructor, and his teaching style is well-paced, clear, and very effective. created a comfortable learning environment, which helped me become more confident in answering questions and discussing the cases.” (Photo: Nicolas Morin)

Hady Saheb, Ophtalmology,
Ophtalmology, Hady Saheb. “Took the time to explain the theory to us, and had a great bedside manner when talking to patients.” (Photo: Nicolas Morin)

Radiology, Lawrence A. Stein.
Radiology, Lawrence A. Stein.”Dr. Stein makes radiology interesting and engaging. He’s a great mentor and amazing teacher, encouraging, insightful and very kind.” (Photo: Nicolas Morin)

Surgery, Chantal Janelle and Tassos Dionosopoulos.
Surgery, Chantal Janelle and Tassos Dionosopoulos. “Dr. Janelle was by far the best teacher I’ve had, up until now, and I think for a long time. She cares so much about her students, … and most importantly about her patients, that it makes it an absolute pleasure to learn from her, in a no-stress environment. She takes the time to explain difficult concepts, never tries to rush you, and is a great example of a “healer” when it comes to her interactions with patients and their families. “Dr. D was described as a great, effective mentor, excellent teacher and very skilled leader; fun, funny, encouraging teacher.” (Photo: Nicolas Morin)

January 22, 2016